People we should thank on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve will take place tomorrow, and we’re very excited! Most of us are doing last minute shopping, helping out in the kitchen, or planning a party. However, some people will not party. Instead, they will be making sure that we’re having fun while being safe at the same time. These people are the heroes that we should thank every day, not just on New Year’s Eve.


We can never thank the Lebanese Army enough. The army recently announced that thousands of soldiers would be present across Lebanon to secure the roads and protect civilians from potential harm.

Nurses, doctors, midwives, and paramedics

They usually stay up late year-round and New Year’s Eve is not an exception. They save thousands of lives every year!

Lebanese Internal Security Forces and the Lebanese Civil Defense

Save their numbers on your phone in case there’s an emergency.

Security guards, bartenders, waiters, and entertainers

We have fun on New Year’s Eve thanks to their services.


Last but not least, call a cab if you are not able to drive. It’s better to be safe than sorry.