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Meet Carlos Ghosn's Daughter: A World's Famous Jewelry Designer

Beyonce, Pink, and other similar celebrities are among her clients.

The businessman Carlos Ghosn is taking over the news with his creative, still-intriguing escape from Japan to Lebanon, but it seems like brilliant creativity runs in the family!

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His daughter, 30-year-old Nadine Ghosn, runs her own brand, Nadine Ghosn Fine Jewelry, which she launched in 2016. In this brand, Carlos' daughter combines creativity with business.

Nadine is a citizen of the world. She is of Lebanese-Brasilian origins and was born in the US, though she spent her life between Tokyo, Paris, California, and New York before now settling in London.

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She double majored in Economics and Art at Stanford University. Her majors, coupled with her work experiences at BCG's Luxury Practice Group in New York, and Hermes in Paris, helped shape her successful career path. And Lebanon also did!

Lebanon played a major role in the start of her amazing career. Nadine has had a passion for jewelry since childhood when her father used to bring back keepsakes from his travels. However, her business plan took off during a visit to her mother in Lebanon for the holidays.

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There, Nadine met a jewelry manufacturer whose business was going through a downturn. Due to this circumstance, his craftsmen were leaving the company, taking with them their unique methods in jewelry making passed on to them by previous generations. 

Passionate for jewelry, and equipped with her education and experiences, Nadine jumped in at the opportunity.

She turned down a lucrative job offer of a French jewelry brand and offered the Lebanese manufacturer a collaboration deal: Knowledge for business.

The deal was that the Lebanese manufacturer would teach her the art of creating jewelry and she, in return, would save his craftsmen from unemployment and their traditional skill from being buried. And just like that, the deal was on and soon to flourish.

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At the age of 25, the young businesswoman designed her first jewelry collection ever in a single day. She then launched it with the help of the Lebanese craftsmen and was immediately picked up by famed Parisian boutique Colette.

Those designs, like many that followed, are anything but boring.  Her style is very modern, bold, quirky, and extraordinary, and executed with high-quality gemstones.

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Nadine is inspired by pop culture and everyday items that are often disregarded by most: Pens, paper clips, rulers, earphones, and even sushi and burgers. She re-imagines and recreates these ordinary objects in a distinguished and attractive way. 

One of her clients, surprisingly, is MacDonalds. The global fast-food chain ran a contest for Valentine's Day in 2018, where fans were asked to share on social media their love for its signature burger: the Big Mac.

The winner of this contest received one of Nadine Ghosn’s most original piece of art, the Bling Mac, a ring designed to match the MacDonald's hamburger. 

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The Bling Mac was such a success that it was worn by Pink in one of her performances. Pink isn't the only world celebrity to love Nadine's jewelry. Beyonce is among her clients. She was seen on social media wearing Ghosn's Shut Up earrings.

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Late Karl Lagerfeld was also fond of Nadine and her work. He rocked her famous 'Can You Hear Me' headphones necklace. 

It is to note that when Nadine first designed Blinc Mac and showed it to her father, the global business guru teased her with his doubts, saying "Did you apply to business school?"

The Blinc Mac went to be Nadine's major business boost that brought her to stand out in the industry globally. 

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The worldwide success and culturally rich life of Nadine haven't taken her much away from her country of origins to which she remains loyal. All her pieces are still made by Lebanese artisans. Supporting the jobs of local artists is one of her main goals.

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Nadine is known to love the Lebanese culture and its sense of community. Her involvement in the production of her work of art has led her to make many friends and connections in the country. She also hopes that Lebanon gains more global recognition in jewelry making. 

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Nadine has been gaining more and more global recognition indeed. Her designs were featured in Vogue magazine, among others, and were displayed at the Harvey Nicholas in Dubai in 2018.

Plus, she won $25K as a prize from Vogue Arabia for her spring collection and also won the innovation award in the trade show of 2017. 

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Carlos' other daughter, Caroline Ghosn, is an entrepreneur. She's the founder and CEO of LEVO, a professional network dedicated to helping millennials navigate the workplace.

So it looks like Carlos Ghosn's daughters have followed their father's footsteps in business.

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Nadine Ghosn's career journey is almost as beautiful as her designs. A mere coincidence in Lebanon, her hard work, and her unique perspective led this young woman to create international success, and support Lebanese artisans in preserving their traditional ways of creating jewelry.

Carlos may be offering to serve Lebanon, but his daughter Nadine is already doing it!

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