In-Person Classes In Lebanon Will Start Next Month

In-Person Classes Will Start Next Month In Lebanon

In-person classes in Lebanon will resume in September, Lebanese caretaker Education Minister Tarek Majzoub announced on Monday.

In a press conference, Majzoub said that public schools will start classes on September 27, to be followed by private schools between September and early October.

“It is prohibited to close schools, and we have decided to return to attendance teaching in schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities,” he declared.

The announcement comes amid concerns among the population about the unfavorable situation in Lebanon, which is facing a myriad of crises, including the pandemic and severe fuel shortages.

Additionally, electricity is barely available during the day, across the governorates, which poses an additional challenge to the return to school.

Addressing the public health issue, Majzoub announced that free coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines had been procured for teachers.

Regarding the financial aspect of the problem, namely the inability of numerous families to afford their children’s stationery and books, the official said that stationery would be provided for classes in the first two cycles.

Regarding electricity, solar panels have been secured for 128 schools across different areas in the country, according to Majzoub.

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