Personal data of millions of Lebanese citizens has just been put online!

Last week, I wrote about how the personal information of the Lebanese diaspora voters in the upcoming Lebanese parliamentary elections

was shared with political candidates and parties

. It has just come to my attention that the problem is a lot worse.

Hadi El-Khoury

, an Independent Cybersecurity & GDPR Advisor, brought to my attention a website dedicated to accessing data of the Lebanese election. Aside from political candidate’s information and affiliations, there’s a whole section dedicated to the personal data of millions of Lebanese voters. I won’t be linking to the website for the obvious reason not to make the private information of Lebanese citizens more accessible. As well as not to drive traffic and their ad revenue as to not encourage them. This comes ahead of thousands of Lebanese voters in the diaspora receiving unsolicited campaign text messages, phone calls, Whatsapp messages, Facebook messages and emails from political candidates and parties. Aside from voter’s data, there are some usefulness to the website. It provides details about candidates, parties, alliances etc: As well as detailed political party pages: Personal data include first and last name, mother and father’s names, birth date and religion/sect.

Update 05/03/2018:

The website has now removed the section allowing for access to the individual data. Since this has been done, we believe the remaining resources of the website are quite useful and you can find it by going to their



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