The 7 Personalities You Find At Every Lebanese Family Gathering!

Lebanese gatherings are as crazy as you might think! When Lebanese relatives gather, you better be ready to witness an event that is heart-warming and chaotic at the same time!

Here are 7 types of people you find at Lebanese family gatherings!

#1 The irritating aunt

She likes to criticize everything, it is hard to please her, and she does not make an effort to go with the flow. This aunt increases her level of annoyingness by asking about your love life in front of your whole family. She also asks you a series of questions about your plans after high school/ college.

#2 The grandpa who only talks about the Lebanese civil war

At every gathering, he feels the need to recite the same war stories all over again: his fight during the war, how he used to sneak food in the basement, and how many friends he has lost. Also, he reminds us that his generation is way better than ours.

#3 The funny uncle

This uncle is your buddy! Although he’s older than you, you feel like he’s your age! He’s so hilarious that family gatherings would not be the same without him! Basically, his presence is the reason you did not invent an excuse to avoid showing up!

#4 The cool aunt

She’s your sister, bestie, and secret-keeper. This aunt is your life mentor and your guardian angel! I don’t know how, but she manages to be a great friend and a mother at the same time!

#5 The pappaz cousins

Oh, God! It is so hard to stand showoffs! They need to remind everyone that they attend the coolest parties and wear brands only!

#6 The spoiled younger cousins

These brats are crying machines. Even though they are cute and gorgeous, they yell and cry a lot because they can’t get what they want.

#7 The best cook in the world a.k.a grandma

She’s the family’s superstar! She cooks the best food and makes the atmosphere extremely loving with her sweet and caring soul. She just loves to see her nieces and nephews gathered in one place!


#8 The card game addict

It’s either a grandpa or an uncle who can’t stop playing cards! He makes everyone join the game to make the get-together fun and relaxing, but he ends up getting angry when he loses.