16 Pet-Friendly Beaches In Lebanon Where You Can Take Your Furry Friends

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Looking for pet-friendly beaches in Lebanon but not sure where to go? Discover these beaches where you can take your furry friends for a fun day at the beach. Yes, puppies deserve beach days too!

#1 Ramelt El Bayda

Beirut‘s public beach located towards the end of Corniche Beirut promenade is a local pet-friendly sandy playground for your pups!

#2 Nowhere Beach

Located in El-Heri, Chekka is the most colorful place on the Chekka coast let your pet splash in the water and roll in the sand.

#3 Joining Beach

Dog-friendly free beach in Batroun where you and your good boy can enjoy the magnificent waters and caves of Kfarabida.

#4 Pierre & Friends

One of the best seafood restaurants in Batroun since the 90s, Pierre & Friends is a well-established spot you and your pet will enjoy.

#5 Bonita Bay (Loco Beach)

Long known as the Loco Beach Resort, this popular Batroun spot brought back its original name Bonita Bay and is still just as pet-friendly at its pebble beach as ever.

#6 Colonel Reef

Located in Batroun, Colonel Reef restaurant/beach bar is normally dog-friendly except on the weekends.

#7 Ô-Glacée

Ô-Glacée beach bar and restaurant in Batroun welcomes your furry companion while you chill by the sea.

#8 Tahet El Rih

Taht El Rih via @beinginvisibles

Tahet El Rih in Anfeh is Lebanon’s little corner of Greece. Sometimes called Anforini, it is a pet-friendly Santorini replica in North Lebanon. However, there is no sandy beach here and access to the water is by diving or via a ladder.

#9 Martin Pecheur

Can this Pomeranian get any cuter? Bring your pet and be in great company at Martin Pecheur beach bar on an iconic pebble coast in Batroun.

#10 Lost Island

Your pets are welcomed at Summer Beach Lost Island in Damour south of Beirut that prides itself on being pet-friendly.

#11 Dany’s

Dany’s Beach Restaurant in Kfarabida is a pet-friendly beach bar and offers easy access to the public beach where you can splash in the water with your four-legged friend.

#12 Bahsa beach

Hidden behind a historic Batroun neighborhood, this little cove known as Bahsa beach offers an excellent free beach experience that your pet will love. 

#13 Beach 45

Beach 45 in Rmeileh is pet-friendly all week except on Sundays.

#14 Jiyeh Beach

Pet-friendly, family-friendly, and called by some as “dog beach,” the free and sandy public beach in Jiyeh is a prime spot for dog-parents and doggos to chill out this summer.

#15 Tyre Beach

The free and widely accessible sandy beach in Tyre, South Lebanon is possibly the country’s best free beach. It also happens to be a pet-loving beach!

This includes the hotels, restaurants, and bars along the same shore, such as Cloud 54, in addition to Al Fanar Resort. Bring your dog… or horse… and enjoy the golden sand!

#16 Byblos Beach

You can take your pets to basically any public-free beach. Here’s a picture from a public beach in Byblos-Jbeil!

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