Former Military Judge Admits To Law Violations In Lebanese Security Agencies

Naharnet | AFP

Lebanon’s former top military judge Peter Germanos was recently summoned by a U.S. District Court for his alleged involvement in a crime against a Lebanese-American couple that took place in 2019.

The case states that Germanos worked “in concert” with other defendants, including FPM-leader Gebran Bassil, former Justice Minister Salim Jressati, and others, to illegally detain, kidnap, and torture the couple in order to force them to give up rights to a $10 million inheritance.

US District Court – October 27th, 2020 Summoning of Peter Germanos

Responding to the allegations and media reports circulating about his participation in the terrible case that portrays the corruption of the Lebanese judiciary and the politicians’ exploitation of positions, the retired judge offered a concise clarification via social media.

In his response denying his involvement, he seemingly admits to the fact that Lebanon’s security agencies were plagued by illegal and unfounded arrests and various law violations.

According to him, he disputed with security agencies over these compiling violations that would lead to his resignation earlier this year after coming under pressure by politicians and media accusing him of corruption.

Nonetheless, a former military judge with his inside information, a prime witness, could just step up and do right by the people and this country, especially those who fell victim to judicial corruption, and expose the corrupts.

It brings to wonder why hasn’t he done so yet at a time where the people have been protesting for over a year against corruption and politicians are denying it.

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Former Military Judge Admits To Law Violations In Lebanese Security Agencies

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