There’s a petition to stop burning waste in Lebanon!

The garbage crisis in Lebanon is affecting the environment and our well-being. Only a waste management plan can end the crisis. The best solution is to recycle and reduce food waste. For instance, the Garbage King of Beirut Ziad Abi Chaker is using non-recyclable plastic bags to build 

eco-friendly vertical planters

. The choices are endless; however, burning the waste is what’s happening in Lebanon. Human Rights Watch (HRW) investigated the garbage problem in Lebanon. Most of the open burning sites are located near residential areas. Open burning of waste causes:

  • Respiratory diseases
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Skin diseases

HRW started a petition to ask the Lebanese Parliament and Cabinet to develop a waste management plan that will end the open burning of waste in Lebanon. The waste management strategy should be environment-friendly. It also should “comply with environmental and public health best practices,” and meet international standards. Let’s end the garbage crisis! Sign the petition



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