There’s A Petition To Close UNHCR In Lebanon Accusing It Of Enabling Syrian Settler Colonialism


Lebanese MP Ghiath Yazbek recently revealed that the Strong Republic bloc is considering a petition to close the UNHCR office in Lebanon.

They perceive the UNHCR as supporting a “new Syrian occupation”, given the increasing Syrian influx into Lebanon.

Yazbek criticizes the government, suggesting more emphasis on data distribution rather than addressing the ongoing challenges. He also questions the Council of Ministers’ commitment in this urgent situation and expresses frustration with those disrupting government operations.

Speaking about the Free Patriotic Movement, Yazbek emphasizes the need for action and quicker governmental solutions.

On the security front, he clarifies they aren’t advocating for arming themselves but supporting the Lebanese military. The MP acknowledges the army’s endeavors but notes potential lapses, urging public and political pressure for change.

Noting that the UNHCR wasn’t immediately available for comment.

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