Petition Was Just Submitted To The United Nations For An International Investigation Into Beirut Port Blast

Hussein Malla | UN

15 parliament members of the Lebanese Forces Bloc (LF) signed a petition urging an international investigation into one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in history.

Their parliamentary delegation handed the petition on Monday to the UN Deputy Special Coordinator for Lebanon Najat Rochdi, addressing it also to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

They issued, in a statement, that their petition was due to the Lebanese people’s mistrust in the local investigation, notably the many obstacles hindering it and delaying it in uncovering the truth.

“Truth, justice, and compensations are three objectives that the entire Lebanese people will not rest before achieving,” MP George Okais said at a press conference after a meeting with the UN official.

He commented that the Lebanese State’s institutions are edging close to a “complete disintegration” without a government, a judiciary that is not independent, and an incomplete parliament.

It is to note that several members of the parliament had resigned after the , in protest, and there have been no elections to replace them ever since.

The LF member and lawmaker added that the UN panel of inquiry would “collect facts and evidence and put them at the disposal of both the general-secretariat of the United Nations and the Lebanese judiciary.”

He shared that the UN representatives appreciated the move, and reassured that their organization also demands a neutral, independent, transparent, and quick probe that would lead the families of the victims to the truth.

Meanwhile, families of the Beirut blast victims continue demonstrating on the ground against the many injustices currently taking place in Lebanon.