A Pharmacist Was Found Murdered Inside Her Pharmacy In Broad Daylight In Lebanon

Leila Rizk

On Monday, pharmacist Leila Rizk was found dead in broad daylight inside her pharmacy in Mrouj, in the Matn District of Mount Lebanon.

Preliminary information said that the cash register was also empty, leading to assumptions of potential robbery.

The Lebanese security forces immediately attended the crime scene and investigations were launched to uncover the circumstances of the crime.

The Head of Order of Pharmacists in Lebanon, Joe Salloum, expressed his grief and called on all pharmacies to close in mourning on Tuesday.

He gave further information regarding the murder, stating that it happened around 4:00 pm on Monday inside her pharmacy. He also stressed that a robbery could have been the cause.

He said that conflicting stories are circulating surrounding this crime, including rape, but that he prefers to wait for the investigation to uncover all the circumstances behind the crime.

According to an MTV source, nothing was stolen or lost in the pharmacy, which discards theft as a motive. The forensic medical examination of the victim also indicated that she was not raped.

The investigations to uncover the reason behind this brutal murder and bring the perpetrator to justice continue.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Order of Pharmacists called for “raising the voice and condemning the crime.”

“We call for the protection of all pharmacists and we will not accept that the Lebanese people be a victim,” he added.