Fight Breaks Out At Pharmacy In Beirut (Video)

A video emerged of a fight breaking out in Al Maamoura Pharmacy in Borj El-Barajneh in Beirut’s southern suburbs.

As the fight breaks out, bystanders rush out of the pharmacy fearing getting caught in the violence. In contrast, a group of men barges in ready to fight.

The pharmacy is completely trashed with items falling off shelves and stands being shoved around towards the pharmacists. In the video, at least one pharmacist is seen getting an injury to the head and/or face.

Although the cause is not clear, the person filming the video recording is heard using terms such as “smuggling medicine” and “gang.”

However, while the pharmacy was not immediately available for comment, The961 learned that the fight was not about smuggling medicine, the shortage of medicine, or anything of that sort.

An ISF source told The961, on the condition of anonymity, that the incident was nothing more than an internal problem between the pharmacy’s owner, the employee, and the employee’s spouse.

“No complaints were filed,” said the security source.

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