Philippines Gov’t Offering Filipinos in Lebanon Free Tickets Home

With the situation in Lebanon worsening economically, impacting Lebanese households and jobs, and the international community wondering what’s taking the government so long to take any constructive decision, the Philippines’ government has just decided to take action to see to the safety and well-being of its own people working in Lebanon.


Via Philippine Embassy in Lebanon

On December 3rd, the Embassy of The Philippines in Beirut announced to its citizens in Lebanon that their country will be taking care of ensuring them a safe return home, free of charge. 

Since then, the embassy has been overwhelmed with mostly Filipinas, and some with children, rushing to register before the given deadline of December 15th. The mass expatriation is scheduled for February 2020,  a couple of months from now.


This initiative of mass expatriation by The Philippines’ Government came in response to numerous pleas from Filipino workers who lost their jobs due to the harsh economic status of Lebanon these days. 

So far, over 1000 Filipinos have registered to leave the country in the mass expatriation. As per The Philippines’ Embassy, “Lebanon is home to around 34,000 Filipinos, majority of whom are women.”


Their embassy has requested that applicants register personally at the Embassy, located in Hadath-Baabda, (Rue Mar Geries, W Building), and fill out the forms themselves.

Applications must include copies of legal documents, such as passport, birth certificate, and marriage certificate if the person is married. These documents are required for the Embassy to process the Exit Clearance with the Lebanese Directorate General of General Security.


The Embassy has taken this initiative even further by committing to settle any penalty that might arise with the Lebanese immigration authorities. Filipinos applying to leave as part of this mass expatriation will incur no cost whatsoever. The embassy is covering the airline tickets, the processing fees, and any penalty.

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