This Superyacht Concept Was Inspired By Phoenician Ships

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Phoenicians are famous for inventing the alphabet, building one of the world’s first ships, and trading wine, cedarwood, olives, olive oil, and clothes and fabrics of purple dye, among other products of their land that made them the master traders of their time.

Ancient records have it that their ships were the strongest and faster. Their ingenuity in building ships that were solid yet light enough to be faster than others was then passed on, later, to regional empires of the time, including the Pharaohs of Egypt.

In an article published by Yacht Harbour, the specialty magazine featured five “powerful yacht concepts” inspired by ancient naval architecture that merged the aesthetic with the practical.

Among them: The Phoenicia Superyacht, which large open deck can host a helipad.

Phoenicia – Yacht Harbour

Igor Lobanov, an award-winning Russian designer based in Italy, got inspired by Phoenician ships to design the modern 110-meter yacht called Phoenicia.

Shaped like a top part of a star, it has an all-around open gallery and impressive Venetian blinds from top to bottom, which, along with the Middle-Eastern pattern of the gallery, creates an eerie game of light and shade in the interior.

“Shaped like a top part of the star, the yacht has an unconventional bow, which is one of many hints to ancient Mediterranean influence.” Yacht Harbour

“Those ancient traders influenced many nations in the area, acting as a link between the Eastern and Western cultures,” Yacht Harbour wrote about the Phoenicians.

According to the magazine, this concept translates the legendary’ free and curious spirit of the Phoenicians to learn about different cultures and explore new places.

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This Superyacht Concept Was Inspired By Phoenician Ships

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