Phoenician ship made of thousands of plastic bottles sailed from Byblos to Beirut

The Lebanese environmental NGO Chreek built a Phoenician ship that is made of 50,000 plastic bottles, according to a


. It is 13 meters long and 4 meters wide. The ship sailed from the Port of Byblos to the Port of Beirut on Sunday. The NGO placed recycle bins in the Martyrs’ Square, LAU Byblos, malls, and many schools to collect as many plastic bottles as possible. This initiative aims to raise awareness about Lebanon’s garbage crisis. The sea and the shores are more polluted than ever. A big part of the problem is that Lebanon does not have a strategic waste management plan. Let me remind you that it takes hundreds of year for a plastic bottle to decompose. Chreek is asking municipalities across Lebanon to provide small lands where recycling facilities will be built. The facilities will create job opportunities for people who got out of prison. The prisons in Lebanon do not offer programs that help convicts find a job after serving their sentence.

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