Photos from Beirut’s extravagant Christmas tree celebration

Every December, Lebanese towns and villages celebrate the holidays with amazing street decorations and very creative Christmas tree settings.


In the past couple of years, this tradition turned into a competition between different municipalities across Lebanon. 

Many cities and towns like Jounieh, Jbeil, Beirut, and Zahle compete each year to prove they have the best decoration in the country! This year, the Municipality of Beirut raised the bar, spending around one million dollars on the capital’s Christmas lights.

Last Monday, the 2018 Christmas tree lighting celebration took place at Martyrs’ Square in downtown Beirut. 


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Team Nazih Tabbara took care of the amazing fireworks show for the opening ceremony.


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BEASTS company is the NGO in charge of the decoration and the event’s organization.


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A Christmas Village is also set up next to the huge ornamented tree.

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The illuminated tree is located in Martyr’s Square. Other parts of Beirut Downtown are also amazingly decorated, like Beirut Souks and Place de l’Etoile. @annaharnewsembedded via  

The opening celebration included a Christmas market, entertainment, and musical acts. @pierre_assakerembedded via  


This year’s Beirut Christmas decoration is a certainly one not to miss! 

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