15+ Before & After Photos Of Buildings Restored After The Beirut Blast

Dia Mrad

After the Beirut Port explosion, Lebanese architecture graduate/photographer Dia Mrad was persistent to visually document the blast’s tragic result compared to serene photographs of the same structures before the blast.

“The striking photos were essential in showing the extent of the destruction and damage suffered in Beirut, as well as raising funds for the reconstruction,” he said.

Before his work took a dark turn on August 4th, Mrad had been avidly documenting the beauty and charm of Beirut’s architecture. Now, months after the blast, he is invested in Beirut’s journey to reconstruction – its rebirth!

Mrad has kindly supplied The961 with photographs he took of buildings immediately after the blast and how they look like today after the generous hard work of builders and volunteers to restore Beirut to better shape than it was before.

More spotted in Beirut

By Rebuilding Beirut volunteers… Photos by @alimatar_design:

Among the 20 restored homes with the support of Tamanna Wishes NGO:

Restored by We Stand Together Lb (before and after):

A restoration endeavor by Beit El-Baraka (after & before):

A restoration endeavor by Baytna Baytak (after & before):

Under restoration by The House of Christmas NGO (before & after):

The 5th apartment rebuilt by Swiss4Lebanon (before and after):

A house roof restored by Beirut Heritage Initiative (before and after):

Needless to emphasize that the work being undertaken by these heroes rebuilding Beirut is enormous and almost impossible…

And yet they are on it, relentlessly and with unwavering faith.

History will remember that Beirut was rebuilt by the znoud (arms’ power) of the people and their love for their country.

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