25+ Winsome Photos Of Lebanese Pets That Will Boost Your Mood

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If you are among the lucky ones to own a pet, you already know how it feels to have a furry friend around, making you smile when you least expect, and sometimes making you even crack laughing out loud.

One thing is for sure, pets at home grant us a boost of positive emotions when we most need to cheer up.

And there is more! According to neuroscientist Olav Krigolson at the University of Victoria in BC, Canada, “watching animal videos is good for your brain” as there is “power in cuteness.”

Krigolson explained to CBC back in 2017: “There is no doubt there is a short-term burst of happiness. That should lead to better cognitive function for the short term. Staring at cute things activates the amygdala [an area of the brain deals with emotions] and other emotional areas of the brain, which ramps up other cognitive systems.”

The Japanese study of Kawaii (the quality of being cute) concurs based on that it “has found evidence that staring at cute things can boost mood and concentration,” CBC reported.

Because we all certainly need some – and not just a little – boosts of positivity these days, we went checking for posts of cute, funny, and lovable Lebanese pets, and we made our selection for you.

So, here, meet the cutest Lebanese pets:

Can’t be more Lebanese than that

Waiting for the elevator…

Move on, dude, the place is taken…

I loooove the beach!

Too cute…

Hi 10!

Basking in Beirut sunset

A+ for the effort!

Can’t it be cuter than that?

Making friends

When your voice pitch goes up…

Uber anyone?

Really focused on catching that leaf!

Dance.. dance… treats on the way

Just checking on the neighbours…

Affection at best

Don’t think he doesn’t know…

How did I end up here…?

What the hec is happening?

Where’s my coffee?

Siesta time, please don’t bother

Taking a selfie?

Only your dog can look at you with such adoration

A friendship story

Catching it… catching it…


Going on a date

A Love Story

And the acrobacy prize goes to…

Feliz Navidad!

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