Rare Photos Of Lebanon In The 1900s-1920s

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A glimpse into Lebanon at the times of our grand-grand parents who lived in the first two decades of the 20th century.

A hundred and plus years later, we open a small window to that era and bring their memories to mind.

Inauguration of Beirut Industrial School, 1900s

Somewhere in Aley, early 1900s

Beautiful Zahle, The Bride of Bekaa, 1914

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.

Beirut Food Souks, 1910s

Beirut Port 1910s

Harissa, Our Lady of Lebanon, 1923

Bedouin community in Baalbek, 1913

Beirut (circa believed to be early 19th century)

Mount-Lebanon 1910s, Silk-worms breakfast time!

At Beirut Port 1920s

Batroun, a charity event, 1916

Qahwet El-Ezez, Beirut 1900


College Sacre Coeur, Beirut 1925

Beirut Kaak Street Vendor, 1900

Lebanese Migrants 1910s – 1920s

My family fresh off the boat from Lebanon (Early 1900s) from r/OldSchoolCool

According to the Lebanese descent who posted this on Reddit, this family photo was taken before his grandmother was born in 1928.

Quartier Medawar, Beirut

Silk Production Atelier in Mount Lebanon, 1910s

Nahr El-Kalb, 1920s

Lebnen El-Akhdar…

Beirut sea view from AUB, 1900

Beirut beautiful houses, 1900s

Matson Collection, HDL Library of Congress

At the Port of Beirut in 1909

Jounieh Bay, 1920s

First Bridge over Nahr El-Kalb, 1900s

Beirut street scene, 1910-1920

Maronite villagers building a church in Mount-Lebanon, 1920s

This is how public haircuts took place in Beirut in 1920

When horses were common transportation in Lebanon… Maameltein road, 1920

And also horse carriages… heading to Baabda, 1923

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