20 Photos Showcasing The Diversity Of Architecture In Lebanon

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Over the decades, Lebanon has birthed many successful architects and designers. It’s not hard to see how they were inspired while growing up.

Many unfinished architectural works, abandoned since the civil war, leave the imagination roaming.

The contrast of massive construction projects in the middle of war-torn cities – new buildings rising next to old ones – is astounding.

High-end and modern cityscapes

Quaint authentic towns

They seem rather hoity-toity in contrast to the “lived-in” parts of the city.

But architects dream of a better place so the futuristic designs continue.

It’s all in the details!

Like these unique symmetrical balconies

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And buildings of interesting shapes and sizes

Perhaps even giving you a taste of vintage elegance

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And made with religious influence…

Even bizarre homes that are out of this world…

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The contrast

The contrast between old and new, traditional and futuristic, dreamlike vs the diversity of industrial, authentic vs. imaginative, all make Lebanon a very special place; a fascinating rhapsody.