30+ Photos Of Deir Jennine In North Lebanon

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Located in Akkar, North of Lebanon, Deir Jennine (also known as Deir Jannine or Deir Janine) is a remarkably green village, which name comes from Aramaic and Syriac origin, meaning “the monastery of gardens.”

Nestled in an abundance of nature, Deir Jennine reminds us of the reason why the country was for a long time labeled لبنان الأخضر, or Lebanon The Green.

The green colors of nature predominate in this village where mountains and hills merge and couple, and natural water springs and flows, claiming its rightful place in nature.

A hikers paradise…

Joy Homsy Photography
Joy Homsy Photography

Deir Jannine has a particular feature that is not so common in Lebanon, and it’s the many monuments and houses built with basalt stone, and not a few of these houses are abandoned.

Joy Homsy Photography

When visiting the village, you will get to see many religious sites, including the Mar Jeryes convent, Our Lady of ascension church, and chapels of Saint-Challita and Saint Barbara.

You will also get to see ancient olive presses and the village’s black stone church.

The village also hosts the stunning Al Oustouane river, as well as a breathtaking oak forest, green heights, orchards, and olive groves, making Deir Jennine a tranquil getaway in nature.

Joy Homsy Photography

Deir Jennine is not only rich in nature and architecture. It produces many traditional Lebanese food items, ranging from Arak, Shanklich, and even Kechek.

Hikers can enjoy the freshness of the village, as they can walk along the path leading to the river, or through the road leading to Mar Challita chapel.

While visiting Deir Jennine, you can take a car trip to check out the neighboring villages, including the villages of Menjez, Baino, and Al Qobayat where you can spend the night at the Graneroverde, a chalet with a mountain view.

For more info about the chalet, contact 70 473 347.