12+ amazing photos of the Lebanese “Triple Arcade”

“The house with three arches” is probably in the collective consciousness, the symbol of architecture in Lebanon.


Around the year 1850,  Beirut is transformed into a provincial capital and is found under the impulse of an increase of the merchant flows with Europe. The city becomes then the cosmopolitan metropolis with which the West deals.

From this recent economic boom, is born a new model of housing combining both oriental and occidental traits.

Here are some amazing pictures that show the most important element of Lebanese architecture, the triple arcade of old buildings that are still holding up.


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Lebanese architecture is not exclusive to remote towns in the mountains. Beirut and the coastal areas are full of old beautiful gems.

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The three arches are one of the many traits that distinguish Lebanese architecture.

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Triple arcade is found on individual houses as well as on big tall buildings.


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It is a major source of natural light that illuminates the whole house.

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Different kinds of ornaments can decorate the arcades, whether is it made from metal or wood.

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The arches can also be found in the interior architecture of the house.


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This remarkable structure lets you easily identify a Lebanese house.

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You can frequently find modern houses inspired by Lebanese architecture, and adopting the three arches in their facade.


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Colored glass or “vitraille” can also be added to the structure, giving the house a touch of colors and a church-like feeling.


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The contrast the arcades and the red brick roof create is incredibly captivating.

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For a reason or another, the facade looks very welcoming.


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You can also spot the arches on the famous house of Jbeil!

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