30+ Photos Of The Lebanese Village Of Dlebta

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Nestled in the Keserwan District, Dlebta is a stunning village located 26 km north of Beirut. Its name has a Syriac origin, “Dlebto”, which means “plane tree.”

Dlebta is a charming village located in a mountainous area, with small springs, lush greenery, a stunning panoramic view of the sea, and the sunset in the afternoon!

This village is known for its red-tiled houses, giving Dlebta an authentic feature reflecting on Lebanon’s traditional architecture.

The village is known for its religious heritage. It is home to many convents and churches, namely Deir el Moukhalles convent, which was built in 1736, Mar Yaacoub church, Saydet el-Hakleh church, and Mar Antonios church.

This village in Keserwan is also notable for its production of drink and food items, including wine, dairy, jams, olive oil, and even honey.

Hikers can have an adventurous experience in Dlebta, with the village’s many hiking paths between the villages of Raachine, Chnaniir, and Ghineh.

During a trip to Delta, you can also visit the town of Ghazir, where you can stay at the Beit Wadih guesthouse, offering guests 9 bedrooms to stay in. For more info, contact 76 377 155.

You can also check out the Armenian Catholic convent in Bzoummar, the Lady of Lebanon sanctuary in Daroun-Harissa, and the village of Ghosta.

So here are photos of the beautiful village of Dlebta!

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