Photos/Videos Showing How Bad The Beirut Explosion Is So Far

rasamuel/reddit | Hassan Ammar

A huge explosion rocked on Tuesday, August 4th. The blast was so big it was felt all the way north to Jbeil and south to Tyre. Someone in Cyprus posted an audio stating he felt it too.

The explosion took with it more than is able to handle at the moment. as we know it is crumbling. Most of its buildings are ruined by the impact of the explosion.

The aftermath is tragic.

port was destroyed by the apocalyptic event.

The mere sight of the blast can send shivers down your spine.

It spared no one; children, women, men, the elderly – all were affected.

… even in prayer

This video of a priest during a Christian service circulated the internet showing how strong the eruption was.

It even ruined this wedding video…

It was so strong, it reached Cyprus, 234km away.

Homes were shattered.

Not only were people’s homes destroyed, but also their cars and shops.

Destroyed cars on the highway in front of the port
Video showing the impact of the explosion at a shop

It has left people terrorized, in shock, and worried about their future.

AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

is bleeding from a horror that impacted people’s homes, family, and properties and left everyone in shock.

Hospitals, already crowded with CoVid-19 patients, became overwhelmed with severely injured citizens.

The sudden explosion left citizens in shock and confused.

“We honestly don’t know what’s happening,” said the man recording the video of the fallen grey city.

is crumbling.

The capital of is tainted black, and the port is reduced to nothing but ashes.

Damaged building at the port.

is in national mourning for three days, officially, but the grief and sorrow will take long to heal. , the capital that has always refused to die, has just taken a massive blow.

And she will rise again, like she always did, from amid the rumbles and the ashes, like the Phoenix she has always been.

Because , sit el-douniyah, is the city that refuses to die.

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