16 Vintage Photos & Videos Of Christmas In Lebanon


Christmas is important to the Lebanese. Even during the harshest times of its history, such as the long period of the civil war, they never failed to celebrate it or mark the day in whatever way.

We see it today across the country as it was seen in past times in its golden and not so golden days.

Here is a glimpse at Lebanon’s Christmasses in the past.

#1 Raouche, Beirut 1967

#2 Hamra street, Beirut 1974

#3 Santa is coming to town… on a monkey!

#4 Christmas eve, Beirut 1972

#5 Jounieh, 1976

#6 Hamra street, Beirut 1974

#7 Christmas shopping in Raouche, Beirut 1975

#8 Hamra street, Beirut 1971

#9 Hamra street, Beirut 1972

#10 Hamra street, Beirut 1974

#11 George Picot street, Beirut 1966

#12 Santa Clause bringing gifts to children, Lebanon 1976

#13 Beirut decorating for Christmas during the civil war, 1979

#14 Santa Claus arriving in a helicopter, Beirut 1970

#15 Lebanese Army soldiers setting a Christmas tree in war-torn Beirut, 1987

#16 Lebanese woman holding Christmas gift in Beirut, 1972

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