10+ Appetizing Photos To Celebrate World Mankousheh Day

La Man2ouche l Yahala Lebnen

Happy World Mankousheh Day!

Right, the Mankousheh, this Lebanese heavenly delicious breakfast is fast becoming one of the world’s most favorite snacks that it has earned a special day in the calendar: November 2nd is World Mankousheh Day!

It’s as delicious that, along with its simple versatility, it has the unique ability to be worked into every meal of the day.

Mankousheh or Man’oush, is a Lebanese person’s favorite breakfast. Zaatar (Thyme), Jebneh (Cheese), Lahm B Ajin (Meat), Keshek,… the choices are endless and each one has a special place in our hearts.

So, from Lebanon to the world, celebrating the greatest breakfast, we’ve brought you 10 appetizing Mankousheh photos!

#1 The extra classic

Nothing beats a traditional Thyme Mankousheh with a Bonjus! This is really what our childhood was made of.

#2 Mankousheh with a view

It’s only fair that when you’re eating a Mankousheh, you get the full Lebanese experience. A cup of tea is also very much recommended in this setting.

#3 A Creative Mankousheh

Mad Manoush

People got super creative with the Manoush throughout the years, and we don’t mind it one bit. It’s part of the Manakich beauty that you can just go wild with them.

#4 Golden slices that make you drool…

Again, you can never go wrong while making a Mankousheh. On that note, you can never go wrong with choosing to eat a Mankousheh… whenever, wherever.

#5 And so many toppings to go with!

Zaatar (Thyme), Zaatar extra, Jebneh (cheese), Jebneh Harra (hot cheese),…. we can go on forever. Just let us not forget the fresh na3na (mint) with any!

#6 It’s hotter than ever

NOTHING… and I mean, nothing beats a hot Mankousheh that is straight out of the oven. It’s mouthwatering and just delicious!

#7 Not all heroes wear capes

People who make Manakich (plural of Mankousheh), this one’s for you: we love you, we need you, and we can’t live without you! Keep them coming!

#8 Mankousheh makes the best breakfast

Although no one would blame you if you had Manakich all day, every day, however, the best time to eat a warm freshly baked Mankousheh is in the morning. Ask the students on their way to school in Lebanon… Ah, the good memories that go along that!

#9 Saj lovers, here it comes!

Zaarour Club

Manakich a3l Saj are what dreams are made of. They are the highlight of every Lebanese person’s day… and of those aching for a Mankousheh while dieting…

#10 The Mankousheh with a statement (aka Mishtah)

I mean, seriously, have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

#11 Nothing beats the Mankousheh for such a look on your face

By the way, there’s such a thing as dating before noon… So, go ahead, serve your partner a warm freshly-baked Mankousheh and brighten his/her day and yours!

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