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Lebanon in 15 amazing aerial photos

Just in case you're wondering what Lebanon looks like from up above

The rise of drone technology has offered photography a new vantage point. Photographs are being taken from a whole new perspective, giving viewers insight into what it looks like from above.

Many amazing Lebanese aerial photographers are showing Lebanon from a new angle.

Here are 15 amazing photos showing the beauty of Lebanon from above:

Akkar terraces

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The shots are of all kinds of landscapes, buildings, cities and mountains. A view of Lebanon like never seen before.

Downtown Beirut

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Zaarour Club in summer

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Aerial photography is quite popular among young photographers in Lebanon, offering them a way to show off their beloved country.

Kfar Abida

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Al Batroun Beaches

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The new Marina Debayeh Seaside

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Place de l'Étoile - Beirut Downtown

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Our beloved Baalbak Citadel

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Rabits' Island beach By Elias Mefleh

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Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral - Harissa

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Château Kefraya vines and workers

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The famous Zaituna/St-George Bay at night

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Mar Charbel Statue - Faraya

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That the number of Lebanese aerial photographers is growing at an impressive rate.

The eternal snow of Qurnet El-Sawda

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Twisted Sassine Square

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