40+ Pictures From The Splendid Village Of Batloun In Lebanon

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Located in the Chouf District, Batloun is bordered by the splendid towns of Kfar Nabrakh on the west, Barouk on the east, Maasser El Chouf on the south, and Briih on the north.

Lebanon’s cultural heritage is reflected all through Batloun in its traditional houses and friendly locals.

The village holds a strategic location neighboring other naturally-astonishing sites and is equally remarkable in its breathtaking nature and green scenery.

Famous for its historical agriculture, Batloun is home to fertile lands of fruit trees, including apple, peach, cherry, fig, almond, and grape.

Oak trees are very common in Batloun which is also rich in groundwater and has a crystal-clear and refreshing river flowing throughout the village.

Its beauty in heritage and natural environment is enhanced by the surrounding valleys and boasts delightful sceneries during the year: uplifting springs, amazing summers, gorgeous autumns, and sublime winters.

Batloun, which stands out with its eco-tourism, is an amazing place to get lost in tranquility and grandiose horizon.

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