20+ Pictures Showing How Passionate Lebanese People Are About Their Flag

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Lebanese people might be the most passionate people on earth about their flag. No bragging here. A well-traveled person who’s been around the world could tell you that.

They hold their national flag sacred and almost worship it. They raise it whether there is an occasion or not, and in common ways and uncommon ones.

They even take it with them when they emigrate, and…. they stroll with it around the streets of foreign lands.

No nation has been so actively and excitedly proud of their flag as the Lebanese people. Debatable? Let’s take a look:

Daring the extreme for it

Worn as a queenly cape

Worn for a casual walk

Wrapped around the shoulders

Parachuting with it

Paragliding with it

Waving it above the mountains

Carrying it for a hiking trip

It’s there on a normal camping day

It gets incorporated in edibles

And in skyline extreme sports

It’s worn as a protective face mask

It’s almost always there with Lebanese daredevils

It’s often created as flower arrangements

It takes part in some Lebanese Nativities

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Only in Lebanon… #xmas2019? #nativityscene #lebaneseflag

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It’s there when we want to feel grand

It gets painted on faces

A beyond-proud Taxi driver!

It’s part of our spirituality

In our street arts

Spotted fencing a garden


At a coffee time

During Christmas

On the world’s highest mountains

It’s proudly carried in foreign lands


Riyad, Saudi Arabia

South Africa


London, UK


Don’t assume this is normal. We don’t see immigrants or foreign residents walking around in their host countries carrying their flags. Do we?

In street celebrations of unity

In conclusion, we might be one of the smallest countries in the world but we are certainly the grandest in our passion and pride towards our national flag.

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