These 9 Pictures Show Lebanon During And After The Lebanese Civil War!

The Lebanese civil war broke out in 1975 and lasted 15 years. It demolished Lebanon and changed a lot the way it looks.

Lebanon Shot Twice: Then And Now 

is a photo series that shows Lebanon during and after the civil war. The photos are complemented by stories. Overall, there are 240 photos and 100 stories which are grouped in a 


. Zaven Kouyoumdjian is the author of the book, and Hayat Karanouh is the photographer. When Zaven was a child, he used to cut out pictures of the civil war from newspapers. He stumbled upon them when he grew up, and he wondered where the people in the pictures might be.

#1 The iconic bus

#2 Renovating in style

#3 Same smile, same bond

#4 Reconstruction

#5 Two siblings on the same balcony

#6 Najib Shbaro on his way to work

#7 A game of chess

#8 Home is where art is

#9 Love over war

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