27+ Amazing Pictures Of Menjez, A Hidden Treasure In Lebanon

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Menjez, meaning a hidden treasure in the ancient Syriac language, lives up to its name to date in the Akkar governate at the border with Syria, in North Lebanon.

It is a small village with an amazing landscape, traditional houses, and religious and historical monuments, some dating back to the Neolithic era.

When visiting this hidden treasure in Lebanon, you can get to see the temple of Maqam el-Rabb (meaning the temple of God’s Residence), the Church of Our Lady of the Fort, the Megalithic Tombs, the ruins of a cross castle, Saint Daniel church, and the ruins of a Crusader castle of the Felicium of the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem.

The nature in Menjez with its El-Horsh El-Assouad (The Black Forest) and its rivers, like Nahr El-Kebir (The Grand River), is simply stunning and worth the ride to Akkar.

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