20+ Pictures Of Dhour Choueir, One Of Lebanon’s Most Beautiful Villages

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Located in the Matn District, around 1,200m above sea level, Dhour Choueir is a stunning year-wide Lebanese village worth visiting.

Its name comes from the origin of “Shwar,” meaning “to straddle,” as the village is a typical village with pre-war resorts and a pristine pine forest.

When marveling at its beauty, people can enjoy Dhour Choueir’s nostalgic charm represented by traditional buildings from the twentieth century, restaurants, as well as lively cafés, and a mesmerizing view over Mount Sannine.

This village is renowned for the El Saydeh church, which was built in 1525 and its century-old oak, as well as the Mar Youhanna el Sayegh, containing manuscripts dating back from the tenth century.

Known for its breathtaking winter as the village “wears its white coat,” Dhour Choueir is also stunning during the summer season, a time when the village hosts many festivals and activities.

When in Dhour Choueir, you can also go on a short road trip and discover the wood of Boulogne, stay at the Villagio Hotel & Resort known for its townhouses (79 110 550), and visit the serene villages of Bikfaya and Beit Chabab.

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