30+ Pictures That Will Make You Yearn For A Road Trip To Halat In Lebanon

Halat is one of the most beautiful coastal cities along Lebanon’s shore. It is a municipality in Jbeil District, on the Mediterranean coast, north of Beirut.

Perfect for a “good-vibes” summer day and a nice tan, or an amazing picturesque view along the Mediterranean in winter, this town is great to visit.

It is also ideal for a nice day or night outing with your friends, for it is one vibrant hub of beach resorts, restaurants, and water activities that will make you fall in love with it.

Although the coastal town is very small, it is just so vibrant with a summerly and energetic atmosphere that it is a must to enjoy.

Planning for a full day to visit Halat would be a good idea, considering the magnificent nearby coastal cities like Byblos and Batroun. And for just a half-hour drive from Batroun, you will reach the beautiful and ancient city of Tripoli.