10 Incredible Pictures Of Mount Hermon Nature Reserve In Lebanon


Mount Hermon, also known as Jabal El-Sheikh, a landmark of biodiverse natural life, was very recently declared Lebanon’s newest nature reserve, making it officially the 18th in Lebanon.

In fact, little is known to even the Lebanese that Lebanon is among the only 36 hotspots for biodiversity in the world. It is a land of amazing nature reserves, and Mount Hermon is now among the officially declared ones.

Here are some photos that show its inspiring beauty and distinction.

#1 A breathtaking view

#2 An inspiring hiking hotspot

#3 A perfect place for a peaceful break

#4 Amazing beautiful sight of the Milky Way

#5 Its winters are breathtaking

#6 It’s visible from South Lebanon, Chouf, and Bekaa, and also Jordan, Palestine, and Syria

#7 It reigns as a queenly bride in winter

#8 It harbors sacred scenery

#9 It creates unmatched serenity

#10 It is home to a diverse amount of useful flora