30+ Splendid Pictures Of Zahle In Lebanon

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The Zahle district forms the larger part of Beqaa in Lebanon and holds gorgeous areas like Wadi Shamseen, Anjar, Barelias, and more, in addition to the historical city of Zahle itself, which is the capital of Bekaa and the 3rd largest city in Lebanon after Beirut and Tripoli.

Zahle, with its traditional Lebanese red-roof houses, spread in beauty and vibrancy at the eastern foothills of Mount Sannine and has earned the nickname of the Bride of Beqaa and The City of Wine and Poetry.

It has also been labeled as the the “Neighbor of the Gorge.”

The capital and its district are well worth the one-hour ride from Beirut. Consider spending the day or a weekend or more so you can fully enjoy its charm, its wineries, its restaurants, and its friendly people.

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