8 Picturesque Lebanese Cities That’ll Show You The Beauty Of The Mediterranean

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Byblos, Jbeil

Stepping into Byblos is like entering a living history book. This ancient Phoenician city is adorned with well-preserved ruins, including the world’s oldest port.

Its charming harbor, cobblestone streets, and Crusader castle make it a true Mediterranean gem.


With its laid-back vibe and coastal allure, Batroun is a seaside haven that appeals to all senses.

The old souks, white-washed buildings, and quaint cafes overlooking the azure waters create an idyllic Mediterranean escape.

Sidon (Saida)

Sidon’s blend of history and coastal charm is captivating. The imposing Sea Castle and bustling fishermen’s port offer a glimpse into the city’s maritime heritage. The vibrant souks and remnants of ancient temples add to its allure.


As Lebanon’s northern gem, Tripoli boasts a unique blend of influences from its rich history. The Great Mosque, centuries-old hammams, and bustling markets create a tapestry of cultural vibrancy set against the Mediterranean backdrop.

Tyre (Sour)

Tyre’s UNESCO-listed archaeological sites are a testament to its illustrious past. The Roman ruins, including a grand hippodrome and triumphal arch, contrast with the city‘s modern character and stunning coastline.


Perched on the hills overlooking the Mediterranean, Jounieh offers panoramic views that are truly enchanting.

The iconic Our Lady of Lebanon statue and the vibrant nightlife along the coastline make this city a lively Mediterranean gem.


Nestled in the Bekaa Valley, Anjar is a hidden treasure with an intriguing history. The Umayyad ruins transport visitors to a different era, showcasing the unique blend of cultures that have shaped the region.


No exploration of Lebanon is complete without experiencing Beirut’s eclectic charm. The juxtaposition of ancient Roman ruins, modern architecture, and the Mediterranean’s gentle waves along the Corniche create an enchanting urban escape.

These Lebanese coastal cities offer an intimate glimpse into the Mediterranean’s allure, each with its own unique story to tell.

From the ancient ruins of Byblos to the vibrant markets of Tripoli, these cities capture the essence of the Mediterranean’s captivating beauty and highlight Lebanon’s deep connection to this magnificent sea.

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