14 Most Picturesque Lebanese Villages You Must Visit This Winter

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Lebanon remains wealthy in magnificent beauty that calls us to hang on to it despite the crises. Winter, in particular, dresses the country with amazing sceneries, turning Lebanon into a marvelous wonderland.

Here are 14 of the most picturesque Lebanese villages that reflect that during the snow season, and that you surely need to visit this winter to immerse in that natural glory.

#1 Mzaar Kfardebian

Located about one hour away from Beirut, this majestic village is one of the most famous ski areas in the Middle East.

#2 Faqra

Do not hesitate to visit Faqra. Not only this village is one of the most scenic villages of Lebanon, but it also has historical significance since it holds the Roman ruins of Qalaat Faqra.

#3 Dhour Choueir

The captivating Dhour Choueir, with its traditional houses, hotels, and restaurants.

#4 Ehden

When visiting Ehden, not only you will see breathtaking views, but you will also discover its religious and historical aspects since it is the home of ancient ruins, temples, monasteries, and churches.

#5 Bekaa Kafra

Also located in Northern Lebanon, Bekaa Kafra is the highest village in Lebanon and the Middle East, and the birthplace of Saint Charbel, the most famous Lebanese saint.

#6 Jord el Aaqoura

One of the most sublime and breathtaking villages in the country. Don’t hold back on going to visit this village.

#7 Zahle

Zahle is the capital city of the Beqaa Governate. It is an agricultural town and the birthplace of many Lebanese poets.

#8 Al Shouf

Al Shouf is one the most astonishing place you will visit in Lebanon. Don’t miss visiting Shouf Biosphere Reserve while in the area.

#9 El Laklouk

A small village in the highlands of Byblos district with stunning sceneries.

#10 Jord Tannourine

Tannourine is not only a marvelous village, but it’s also well known for its amazing nature reserve where the majority of trees are Cedars.

#11 Mount Sannine

A place to feel on top of the world and destress in a peaceful surrounding, Mount Sannine can reach 2,628 m above sea level at its highest point. It is the source of many mountain springs that feed the region.

#12 Qanat Bakish

The Qanat BakishΒ village in Mount Lebanon stands at 1760m above sea level, south of Faqra, It’s a scenic landscape with impressive panoramic views, especially during winter.

#13 Anjar

Anjar is not only an amazing place to enjoy the winter, but it also has historical significance. It is the home of ruins and monuments that shows the shift from the Byzantine culture to the development of the Islamic culture.

#14 Hasroun

Known as The Rose of Mount Mountain, Hasroun is a picturesque old and lively village in the Bsharri District, overlooking the Qannoubine Valley.

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14 Most Picturesque Lebanese Villages You Must Visit This Winter

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