Pizza Hut Just Closed All Locations In Lebanon

The giant international restaurant chain Pizza Hut has closed all its branches in Lebanon due to the current economic situation of the country.

But this closure, which was shocking to many, is not permanent, as some social media posts have claimed.

On Tuesday, Lebanese social media was bustling with images of the closed storefronts of the American-Italian international franchise. The closed branches of Pizza Hut in Lebanon had notices placed on their main entrances saying:

“To preserve the best grade and quality for our products, and due to the delay in the arrival of the essential main ingredients shipped from outside Lebanon, we apologize for not fulfilling your orders at this time and we will be back to service very soon.”

Soon after the Twitter craze, the management of the restaurant chain commented on their procedure, assuring that the closure is only temporary and, as a source told LBCI, will last two to three days at the most.

As for the reason behind the delay, it is the same one that is giving every importer in Lebanon a hard time; the lack of green bills.

Another source told the Lebanese Forces’ website that “the emergent crisis is due to the unavailability of dollars, which prevents the central management from being able to settle its accounts with the importing companies in dollars.”

Pizza Hut branches in Lebanon should be back to work by Wednesday, February 19th, which is when the shipment containing the required ingredients arrives in the country, IMLebanon reported.

But hey, look on the bright side! This is your chance to commit to that New Year’s resolution diet you promised yourself you’d start a few weeks ago…