Pizza Hut Is Officially Shutting Down In Lebanon

@recipesbynou | Zomato

The international pizza restaurant chain, Pizza Hut, is shutting down all of its locations in Lebanon as the country’s economic situation continues to deteriorate.

After archiving all of its previous posts, Pizza Hut Lebanon posted only three pictures announcing the closure. One of the posts promised to make “new memories” in the future, which indicated that the closure was only temporary.

The restaurant chain cited its inability to offer the “best quality and experience,” adding that until it is able to do that it is saying goodbye with a heavy heart.

Last year, people panicked slightly after Pizza Hut closed all its branches in Lebanon due to the delay in the arrival of the essential main ingredients imported from abroad. The closure only lasted for a couple of days.

Due to the volatile and jaw-dropping exchange rate from USD to local currency, food businesses across Lebanon have had no choice but to lower the quality of their products or massively raise their prices, or alternatively shut down completely.