8 Places To Go Glamping In Lebanon This Summer

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Who doesn’t love a good staycation! It’s convenient, costs less, and you don’t need to take time off work. You can just do it on the weekends. Best of all, you’ll avoid getting jet-lagged.

One of the things you can do on your staycation is go glamping a.k.a glamorous camping. It’s a safe and luxurious way to appreciate mother nature – especially if you don’t feel cut out for hardcore camping.

Here are some new glamping places to check out this summer.

#1 Glamping Lebanon

In Maghdoucheh, in the south of Lebanon, you can go camping like you’re royal. All you need to bring is yourself, optional snacks, suntanning lotion, and a swimsuit! It’s camping without all the hassle.

#2 Odom Retreat

Located in Kfardebian, this luxurious escape from the city feels like you are on a new planet somewhere in the interstellar space.

You can call this super Instagrammable dome your weekend home and have an unforgettable glamping experience.

#3 Koura Camping

A simple no-nonsense campsite with a little oomph that satisfies your adventurous spirit while it takes a break from the hassle of legit camping.

#4 Camp Amchit

Camp Amchit, also referred to as Camping Les Colombes, is a resort and campsite in one.

You can choose the level of “glamping” you want from one of its many hotel rooms to a cabin, a bungalow, a caravan, or even a tent. You can take a dip in the pool or walk down to the shore and jump in the salty sea.

#5 The Chill Hill Experience

This place definitely gives glamping a whole new definition, no matter what season. Located in Wata el-Joz, Keserwan, this unbelievable spot is a great place to disconnect into a world of sublime peace.

#6 Uphill Chouwen

This is the hidden gem of glamping sites located in mesmerizing Chouwen. The campsite already includes tents, chairs, tables, and a BBQ.

A plus: Breakfast is provided by the campsite management, and also electricity. You can swim in the pool they set up. You really don’t have to worry about anything.

#7 Indigo Kousba

Located north of Batroun, extremely hospitable owners have created a convenient escape not too far from main cities.

It’s the perfect spot for a family glamping trip, or even a huge group of friends. It offers a prime meaning for a staycation where you can stay the day or even the night.

It has a private swimming pool, a huge grass yard, a large screen for movie nights, tents to sleep in, the perfect open space for stargazing with your friends, and more.

If you’re not the camping type, you can stay in one of their two private chalet bedrooms. You can bring and prepare your own BBQ, or order from Indigo.

#8 Le Camp

Less than an hour from Beirut, Le Camp is a down-to-earth yet glam camping experience. Everything you need is available here.

They even have a bungalow with four beds to accommodate a group of friends or a family.

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