13 Best Places To Have A Picnic In Lebanon

@sara_eldana | @cezar_projects

With its hills and mountains that touch the shores, Lebanon is undoubtedly one of the best summer destinations in the region.

Besides the nature reserves and various free beaches where you can pack lunch and have your meal in, there are many places to spend a perfect summer day and have a proper picnic setting.

#1 Tafla

Overlooking the sea from the hills of Batroun is a secluded little guesthouse named after an old woman who used to live there.

Tafla hosts a variety of activities from board games to picnics, and you can even set up camp there. Inside, they have a kitchen, a bar, and tons of interesting rooms to discover.

#2 Le Camp

Less than an hour from Beirut, in Mount Lebanon, Le Camp is ready to serve picnic-loving people. If you forget any supplies, this campsite has everything on hand. The location is so lovely and organized you’ll want to come again for a stress-free and enjoyable day.

#3 The Pines

Located in North Lebanon in Kfar Hazir, The Pines is a cool new place not too far from the highway and doesn’t fail to give the supreme feeling of the great outdoors.

#4 Arsoun Village

This mesmerizing campground in the heart of El-Metn is full of many adventures and activities.

The restaurant has good food, but you can also bring your own for a fun potluck picnic. You’ll even be blown away by the amazing nature during the road trip getting to this site.

#5 Farmville Barouk

Farmville in the Barouk Village in the Chouf district offers a variety of outdoor activities, from horse riding, fruit picking, hiking, and you guessed it, picnics!

#6 Hillhout Village

Hillhout Village is a picnic ground in Khenchara in Mount Lebanon that is great for the whole family, especially for kids, and has a comfortable area for adults.

#7 Swings Camp

Located in El-Metn in the village of Zaraaoun, Swings is a campsite, picnic area, and (park) with many outdoor activities, including ziplining and archery.

#8 Sharewood Camp

Located in Mar Moussa in North Metn, this campground is not just a great place to spend a night or two but is enjoyable for a day trip with friends and family and a tasty picnic among the pine trees.

#9 Tannourine Picnic Park

A humble and down to earth spot in a touristic town where you can rent chairs and a grill and set yourself up on your picnic day.

You can bring your own food or order from the restaurant. You can even take a dip in the waterfall and river flowing in the park.

#10 Jird 40

Newly opened, Jird 40 is located on the highlands of Dannieh mountains in North Lebanon. It’s a cozy place with a family atmosphere that offers psychological comfort from busy everyday life.

#11 Meghrak

Meghrak is a wooden home surrounded by trees that grow straight out of the water. Its name comes from the Lebanese word “submerged” because every winter, water from rainfall and snow engulf the site.

The owner has opened up the place to the public. So, you can visit, have a picnic, and even camp the night.

#12 Chouwen

Just above Jbeil, you will find the aqua blue waters of the marvelous Chouwen lake.

Take the trail down through the forest to reach this gem, and once you get through you’ll know it was worth the hike. It’s part of the Jabal Moussa reserve and too good not to be mentioned.

#13 The Pine Yards

Located in Mar Moussa El-Douar, The Pine Yards is a beautiful picnic zone and campsite. There are many activities available for many ages, and they offer food as well.