7 Places You Can Go Snowshoeing In Lebanon This Winter

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The winter months bring a new meaning to hiking in Lebanon, allowing adventurers to experience snowshoeing on the country’s many trails.

The Lebanese hiking group Hiking.lb tells us that the best months are January, February, and March and recommends the following locations for the best snowshoeing experience in Lebanon:

#1 Laklouk

Located around 70 kilometers northeast of Beirut is a small mountainous village called Laklouk (Laqlouq). The village is both equally enchanting in the summer as in winter.

#2 Tannourine Reserve

For an easy hike, you can take the 3 km trail at the Tannourine Reserve among the magnificent trees. Hiking.lb says there’s a more difficult option of a 6km hike for the fierce adventurers!

#3 Bakish

Qanat Bakish, located near Baskinta, is an ultimate snow destination for skiing, snowboarding, and, you guessed it, snowshoeing.

A trail followed by Hiking.lb extends for 5 km, making it a moderate hike, where you’ll also get to see the ice baths. Would you try it?

#4 Barouk

Located in the Chouf District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate, Barouk is known for its stunning cedar forest which gets blanketed with snow in winter, making the snowshoeing experience quite memorable.

#5 Hadath El-Jebbeh Forest

Hiking.lb follows a 7 km moderate level trail in Haddath El-Jebbeh, located in the Bcharre District, overlooking the sacred Qadisha Valley.

#6 Cedars of God

Located in Bcharre, the magnificent and historic Cedars of God trail is one not to be missed. It is a moderate level hike according to Hiking.lb that is 5 km long.

#7 Ehden Reserve

The Ehden Reserve, locally referred to as Horsh Ehden, is sought out in the warmer months for its terrific hiking trails. In winter, it turns into a snow playground.

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