7 places in Lebanon where you can grab the cheesiest bites!

There is no such thing as too much cheese! This is a guide to Lebanon’s cheesiest bites!

Gardens Lebanon

https://www.facebook.com/gardenslebanon/photos/a.1758969777713485.1073741828.1756311957979267/1991455007798293/?type=3&theater   Location: Dbayeh Pasta is Parmesan wheels is the newest culinary trend!

SUD Restobar

https://www.facebook.com/SudResto/photos/a.309332509242651.1073741829.155930211249549/984002925108936/?type=3&theater   Locations: Mar Mikhael and Dbayeh At SUD Restobar, you can eat cheese with a little bit of pasta, not the other way around!

La Raclette Sandwicherie

https://www.facebook.com/laraclettesandwicherie/photos/a.936466146476616.1073741829.913342798788951/1091044174352145/?type=3&theater   Location: Souk El Akel This restaurant perfectly pairs raclette cheese with everything!


https://www.facebook.com/brgrco/photos/a.105746719475071.3543.105744019475341/932034120179656/?type=3&theater Locations: Beirut Souks, ABC Achrafieh, and Monot. BRGR Co. also serves Parmesan truffle fries!

Mac n’ Cheese

https://www.facebook.com/Macandcheeselb/photos/a.1670759022966568.1073741828.1670228783019592/1696554263720377/?type=3&theater   Location: Mar Mikhael This place is committed to serving you the best mac n’ cheese ever!

Zaatar w Zeit

https://www.facebook.com/zaatarwzeit/photos/a.306021913207.146544.162324998207/10152991183538208/?type=3 Locations: Khaldeh, The Backyard Hazmieh, City Center, Brumana, Dunes Center, Gemmayzeh, Jbeil, LeMall Dbayeh, Hamra, Zalka, Sodeco, Kalik, Jeita, Bliss, and ABC Achrafieh. Zaatar w Zeit’s

Fries and Cheese


Halloumi Pan

taste heavenly!

L’abeille D’or

https://www.instagram.com/p/BHDPsqpB2Gk/?utm_source=ig_embed Locations: Achrafieh, Antelias, Baabda, Elissar, Jbeil, Jdeideh, Jounieh, Mansourieh, Nabaa, Sed El Bouchrieh, Zalka, and Zouk Mosbeh. How can we talk about cheese with mentioning


? At L’Abeille D’or, you can find many variations of this Middle Eastern delicacy.

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