12 Places To Chill & Unwind In Beirut

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No secret that Beirut is always vibrant and dynamic any time of the day and night, and even during workdays.

However, more often than not, we just need a space to chill and take it easy. They are many such places in Beirut that are cool and relaxing while maintaining the Beiruti atmosphere.

#1 Aaliya’s Books

Aaliyah’s book is a great place in Gemmayzeh to have a drink and just enjoy a nice day or night drinking your favorite cocktails while reading an interesting book. It is the place to be for book junkies.

#2 The High Llama

The High Llama in Achrafieh is an all-day café where you can relax, eat some good food or have a dessert with a fine cup of coffee, and enjoy a nice chill time.

#3 Dar El Wardieh

Dar El Wardieh is a hidden gem in Hamra where you can drink a tasty glass of wine and take pleasure in relaxing either alone or with your friends.

#4 Beyt Garden Cafe

Beyt is a café and an aesthetically pleasing garden. You can go out while still enjoying a nice and homey atmosphere in Mar Mikhael.

#5 MIM Museum

There is something magically soothing about these natural rocks and crystals that make one’s visit to this private museum a fascinating time. It is located at the University of Saint-Joseph in Beirut, Campus de L’innovation et du Sport (CIS).

#6 Salon Beyrouth

If you like live music and having a good brunch or dinner in a friendly atmosphere, you can chill at Salon Beyrouth, located on Mohammad Abdul Baki Street in Beirut.

#7 Blue House Tea

If you want to chill in a fancy atmosphere, nicely dressed up, head to the Blue House Tea in Gemmayzeh where you can hang out and enjoy their brand teas in their variety, even a tea cocktail. The place also serves tasty breakfasts if you are up to chill in the morning.

#8 Multiverse Games

Multiverse is a pop culture store and cafe in Hamra for board games and card games where you can have an amazing fun day with your friends, enjoying your favorite social games. The place has also interesting collectibles, animes, mangas, sci-fi, comics, and so on.

#9 Makan

Makan in Mar Mikhael is an ideal cultural space to hang out and chill. It offers a lovely atmosphere, tasty food, and drinks.

For lovers of contemporary art, Août Gallery in Gemmayzeh is a great place to chill while admiring intriguing masterpieces and artistic wonders that will catch your breath.

#11 Creativenass

Creative Nass in Badaro is one of the few places in Lebanon where you can unwind and enjoy a stimulating day just creatively painting, sculpting, or drawing. It is a nice place to chill for both children and adults.

#12 Horsh Beirut

Chilling in Beirut without splurging is also possible. Beirut has a few public green spaces, like Horsh Beirut, where you can spend a good time in a natural environment, walking around, hanging out, reading a book, or even having a light picnic or skateboarding.

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12 Places To Chill & Unwind In Beirut

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