12 Places To Enjoy Drinks With Your Friends In Beirut

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Beirut is a friendly hub where locals and tourists can socialize, immerse in the country’s culture, and get to have the best nightlife experience surrounded by the city’s lovely atmosphere.

Beirut offers globally recognized places where people can hang out with friends and enjoy delicious meals and exquisite cocktails.

So if you are looking to enjoy drinks with your friends in a great place, check these out!

The Cask & Barrel – Various Locations

The Cask & Barrel is a classy and sleek place in Beirut with a warm atmosphere and the right ambiance to have a drink, from whisky, bourbon, and rum to cognacs and champagne. The place also serves gourmet cuisine and Lavazza coffee.

The Cask & Barrel could be found in Sassine (03 333 503), Dekwaneh (03 263 619), and Mzaar (76 667 557).

Community Badaro – Badaro

Community Badaro is a day and all-night “neighborhood mainstay,” where you and your friends can have a nice chat while sipping on delicious drinks and enjoying a good meal.

Open daily from 5 pm till 1:30 am. Contact 81 622 322 for table reservations.

Ferdinand – Hamra

Ferdinand is a craft cocktail bar with a Soul food kitchen. The pub also offers a nice and cozy atmosphere for people over 21 years of age.

For more info, you may contact 01 355 955.

The Duke of Wellington – Hamra

The Duke of Wellington is an English resto-Pub in the heart of Hamra that has been serving home beer and English food since 1957 in a casual atmosphere.

Contact: 03 717 813.

Central Station Boutique Bar – Mar Mikhael

Central Station Boutique Bar is an award-winning boutique bar in Mar Mikhael, serving a selection of cocktails in an elegant and jazz-inspired setting.

For table reservations, contact 71 736 737.

Le Trottoir De Paloma – Gemmayze

Le Trottoir De Paloma is a cocktail bar and restaurant with a sleek decor offering a selection of alcoholic drinks, food, and caffeinated drinks.

Open daily from 7 am till 1 am.

Contact: 70 585 000.

Propaganda Gin Room – Hamra

Propaganda Gin Room is a lovely bar in Hamra serving a wide selection of gin and other alcoholic drinks in a chill ambiance.

For table reservations, contact 81 616 222.

Cyrano – Gemmayze

Cyrano is an aperitif bar in the Gemmayze neighborhood, where you will get to enjoy drinks in a setting inspired by Italy’s early 1900 bars.

For more information, contact 71 166 114.

Amelia Restaurant & Lounge – Beirut

A great spot to be surrounded by people, Amelia Restaurant & Lounge is a gorgeous lounge in Beirut, offering a variety of cocktails and meals inspired by Japanese and Peruvian cuisines.

You may contact 70 666 426 for table booking.

Li Beirut – Hamra

Immerse in Lebanon’s old days at Li Beirut, a place where you will get to taste Lebanese food and drinks and enjoy oriental jazz and old Arabic music.

You can contact the pub on 70 151 328.

C Lounge – Ain Mraysseh

Located in Ain Mraysseh, C Lounge is a rooftop where you can enjoy drinks and food with a splendid panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea.

For more info, contact 03 331 003.

House Of Butlers – Pasteur Street, Beirut


House of Butlers is a liquor shop and cocktail bar serving old-fashioned spirits, wines, and liquors with a cozy atmosphere inspired by the late century’s private clubs in London.

For more inquiries, contact 03 120 029.

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