23 Places To Get A Tattoo In Lebanon 

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Lebanon is the hub of art and creativity and home to many talented tattoo artists who ink people with marvelous designs!

Here are some of the best tattoo places in Lebanon where you can get professional body art from talented artists.

Elie Rahme Tattoos – Jounieh

Elie Rahme is one of the most famous tattoo artists in Lebanon performing professional body ink art, from creative and realistic to abstract.

For appointments, contact 03 298 697.

The Candy Shop by Jessica Najem – Sarba

Based in Keserwan, the Candy Shop by Jessica Najem is the place where you can get a tattoo featured in beautifully simple or complicated designs.

For more info, contact 76 125 600.

House On Mars, Beirut

This tattoo parlor is acclaimed for its talented work in both tattoos and piercings. It is an interesting place where you can also find a wide range of jewelry, accessories, clothes, and even toys.

For more info, contact them on Whatsapp via 1 749 746

MorTattoo – Sarafand

Located in Southern Lebanon, MorTattoo by Mohamed Mortada offers a variety of tattoo arts, including Traditional (Old School), Geometric, Realism, Black & Gray, and Dark Art.

For more inquiries, contact 71 548 042.

Joa Antoun Tattoos – Dekwaneh

Joa Antoun is one of the most famous tattoo artists in the country. Boasting more than 57,000 followers on Instagram, this tattoo artist offers realistic and minimalistic yet complicated tattoos filled with geometrical details.

The artist also offers tattoo cover-ups for breast cancer survivors.

For booking, contact 76 016 284.

Roy Sassine Tattoo – Batroun

Roy Sassine is a visual artist and an awarded Tattooist who founded his Custom Tattoo Studio in 2009 in Batroun. He is specialized in multiple body ink arts, including Lettering, Flash Art, Realism, Polynesian, Surrealism, Tribal, and more.

For more information, contact 70 998 153

Taboo Tattoo Shop – Tripoli

Taboo Tattoo is a Tatoo & Piercing parlor offering high-quality permanent tattoos as well as Tattoo Cover-ups, starting at $40 (as of the time of writing). The parlor is located on the 1st floor of the City Complex in Tripoli.

For an appointment or more info, contact 71-755430 or 81-380 746.

Beirutink Tattoo Shop – Downtown Beirut

Situated in downtown Beirut near the Evangelical Church, Beirutink Tattoo Shop offers various types of tattoo arts, from Lettering, Minimalist, and Calligraphy to Traditional and complex designs.

For more information, contact 76 768 586.

Deep Ink Tattoo by Mohammad El Harb – Beirut

El Harb is a professional Tattoo Artist with several years of experience in designing and applying tattoos with superior artistic ability, manual dexterity, and great attention to detail.

For more details, contact 70 790 910.

Inkspire Tattoos Studio – Rachiine

Located in Bahsa, Rachiine, north Lebanon, Inkspire Tattoos Studio offers professional tattoo designs from simple to complex, as well as cover-ups, and stencil application, including portraits on skin.

For more info, contact 70 386 396

JW Inkript – Various locations

JW Inkprint by the artist Joelle Wehbe offers quality body art in Racchiine, Zgharta, Dbayeh, and Beirut.

You may WhatsApp her for more info on 76194753

Hussein Mistrah Tattoos – Hamra

This tattoo shop in Hamra offers ultimate realistic tattoos boasting a great sense of detail on very complicated designs.

For inquiries, 70 876 740.

Slayer Tattoo by Joe Mitri – Achrafieh

Joe Mitri is a professional tattoo artist, holding a certificate from France, since 2000. He offers body and facial tattoos, from complex to realistic, and is known for his pleasant personality and professionalism. His studio also offers piercing services.

For booking, contact 03 573 996.

Nancy Kameh Tattoo – Beirut

Nancy Kameh is a professional piercer and tattoo artist in Beirut with a passion for sketchy and colored pieces. She takes short-notice appointments if you’re looking to ink your body with no delay.

For more info, contact 70 860 302.

Lea Feitrouni – Adonis

Based in Adonis, Lea Feitrouni has an extensive experience in the art of body ink. From a BA in Fashion to freelancing textile print designs and painting graffiti, she explored all kinds of arts, until she found her passion in tattooed.

She acquired her training in Russia and then in Germany during a seminar in miniature realistic tattoos with Inal Bersekov.

Booking a session with Lea is done via email or via her website.

Vi Tattoos Studio by Vanessa Rached – Jounieh

Located in Jounieh, tattoo artist Vanessa Rached found her passion in tattooing after majoring in design. She helps tattoo seekers with their ideas by creating designs that best reflect who they are and hence will “permanently feel as part of their identity.”

For more information, contact 71 201 146.

Elie Deep Art – Ardeh, Zgharta

Artist Elie Khattar creates delicate tattoos of various forms and sizes, including quotes, names, Arabic calligraphy quotes, cover tattoos, and even matching tattoos for couples or best friends. His slogan is “Print your soul on your skin.”

For more information or for an appointment, contact him on 70266638

Inked By Esther – Mejdlaya, Zgharta

Artist Esther Jabbour in Mejdlaya offers a variety of tattoos, from tiny designs on fingers to names, quotes, and elaborated designs.

For more info, contact her on 76 957 891.

Daria Ink Waves – Ain Saadeh

Daria Galina is a Ukrainian tattoo artist inking people with Fineline designs inspired by nature. She only does custom designs so you can get your own unique one.

For more info, you may DM her on her Instagram.

Spartans INK – Bikfaya

Spartans INK is a Tattoo Studio in Miami and Lebanon, where clients get inked with wonderful body art, tattoos, scar cover-ups, permanent makeup, and more!

For booking, contact 71 802 902.

Pure Vision Tattoos by David – Jdeideh

An acclaimed tattooist located on the 3rd floor of the Jdeideh Tower, David is a passionate artist who believes that his art starts by engaging the client with suggestions. A perfectionist who pours his heart and talent into his tattoo work, he could spend over 10 hours on an extremely complicated project.

For more information, contact him on  3 449 118.

Hilal Tattoos – Dohat Aramoun

Hilal Al Sahily in Dohat Aramoun creates various types of tattoos, including Surrealism, Realism, Dark Art, Geometric, and Cover-Ups.

For more info, contact 70 807 900.

Shadow Tattoo by Pascal Salloum – Blat, Byblos

Pascal Salloum is the owner and CEO of Shadow Tattoo and a professional tattoo artist and body piercer since 1998. His parlor is located in Blat, Byblos, and he also provides his services at Kiana Beauty Clinic in Zouk Mosbeh.

For more info or to book an appointment, contact 3275302.

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