14 Restaurants In Lebanon For A Dreamy Date With Your Special One

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If you’re a hopeless romantic who loves to take your partner on dreamy dates, then you must visit these amazing restaurants in Lebanon for a time to remember.

#1 Appetito Trattoria

Italy has long been renowned as a country of love and delicious food. So why not bring Italy to Lebanon? Appetito Trattoria is the perfect spot for a romantic Italian date.

Located in Hamra, Broummana, and Hazmieh, this restaurant’s specialties are their charming outdoor seating and delicious pasta.

#2 La Crêperie

A hidden gem in Jounieh, La Crêperie has been many generations’ favorite destination for a memorable date. Not only does this place has cozy indoor seating, but also its terrace is so charming. Their famous chocolate crêpe is to try as well as their “poussin grillé”.

#3 Boha

A recently opened lounge in Kaslik, Boha is a mesmerizing place to enjoy a romantic sunset while having drinks and a good meal. The fusion restaurant has some delicious salads and appetizers to try.

#4 La Villa 1920

This newly opened Italian restaurant is located in Badaro, Beirut, and offers a wonderful fairytale-like ambiance and a variety of exotic and colorful cocktails and tasty pizzas to savor.

#5 Liza

This Lebanese fusion restaurant is renowned for its attractive setting and lovely vibes. Sought-after for its romantic and sophisticated setting, Liza is located in the heart of Ashrafieh and serves the best-reimagined mezza in town.

#6 The Broad

If you are looking for a magical ambiance with breathtaking views at sunset, then The Broad in Byblos should be your destination.

#7 La Mezcaleria

La Mezcaleria in Dbayeh, north of Beirut, is an Oriental Latino bar located on the seaside road. The place has a wonderful view of the sea, great nachos, and a fun ambiance to spend the entire night dancing.

#8 Miss Pepper 3

A unique gastropub located in Ashrafieh, Miss Pepper definitely has some hip and 80s vibes that would transport you into an oldies movie with, in hand, some unique drinks like the famous “Poppin’ Gin Basil.”

#9 Mario e Mario

Known for authentic Italian tastes and romantic vibes, Mario e Mario in Mar Mikhael has lovely outdoor seating, great seafood, refined food, and, of course, pizza and spaghetti.

#10 éCafé – Eddé Yard

Eddé Yard’s vibrant outdoor setting is a great spot in the ancient souk of Byblos for a date any time of the day, enjoying delicious pizza and platters.

#11 Lola

A famous place in Naas, Bikfaya, Lola has long been a romantic dinner getaway for many couples for its cozy ambiance and delicious meals. If you are looking for a romantic countryside ambiance with a splendid garden and a refreshing mountain breeze during summer, you should definitely try Lola.

#12 L’appartement

A hidden place in the heart of Ashrafieh, L’appartement is an exquisite bistro bar with a garden where you can enjoy drinks and food with your partner in a relaxed atmosphere.

#13 Sapa

This lovely place has relocated to Faraya for summer. Originally based in Ashrafieh, Sapa serves the most amazing and sophisticated Peruvian dishes and cocktails in the country.

#14 NIU Bowl

If you’re yearning for an Asian taste in Lebanon, then you must take your date to NIU Bowl. Not only does this place serves tasty and fresh poke bowls, but its cocktails are unique.

NIU can be found in Ashrafieh, Mtaileb, Rocca Marina (El-Heri), and Broumana. For a dazzling romantic experience enjoying the mountain breeze during the warm season, you do want to try NIU in Broumana.

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