11 Places Where You Can Adopt A Pet In Lebanon

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Pets at home can be a source of joy and mood booster. They are also our best companions. Studies have shown that pet owners are in general happier persons.

Pets have actually quite a bit to teach humans. From unconditional devotion and loyalty to affection and playfulness, pets are our best teachers in that, if not great role models.

In addition to that, they lighten our mood and that of our surroundings, they are what we need to distract us from our worries even if momentarily, and, they make us smile and laugh at any time.

Experts said that watching videos and images of pets has healing power on humans. Imagine what they can do when we have them in real life in our homes.

For those who are up to it, there are several places in Lebanon where you can adopt a pet for free. If you are still hesitating, give any of these places a visit and get more information on site. You might consider fostering before deciding.

There are so many pets in Lebanon that are without homes and special human companions. You don’t need to pay for a furry friend – you actually shouldn’t – when you can adopt one from the shelters that have been taking good care of them.

#1 Animal Lives Lebanon – Tyre

The team at Animal Lives Lebanon rescue dogs and cats, treat them well, and then put them for adoption. They are located in Al Hosh, Nassir Basma street, in Tyre.
Contact: 81869264

#2 Animals Lebanon

Located in Hamra, Animals Lebanon is a well-known Lebanese registered NGO that protects Lebanese animals through legislation, education, awareness campaigns, and rescue.

Animals Lebanon has been teaming up with organizations abroad, flying rescued Lebanese pets to find homes in other countries.

You can call them to adopt your new furry companion in Lebanon, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, except on public holidays. +961 1 751 678.

#3 BETA Lebanon

BETA is another Lebanese registered NGO established to improve the lives of animals in Lebanon and is also registered in the US  as 501(c)3 charity organization. 

BETA’s facilities count around 850 dogs and 200 cats in their various shelters, waiting to be adopted. They are vaccinated, de-wormed, and spayed/neutered.

BETA is a place to seek if you are unsure about adopting since you can foster a pet until an adoptive family steps in.

Contact: +961-70-248765, Monday to Friday, from 10:30 AM to 3 PM.

#4 Animal Rescue Club Lebanon (ARC LB)

An NGO of animal activists, ARC has been operating since 2018, rescuing and sheltering animals and finding them adoptive families. They can be contacted on Instagram @animalrescueclublebanon


The name of this Lebanese registered NGO probably says it all.

Adopt Don’t Shop facilitates the adoption of pets in Lebanon using their social media platforms to post about pets available for adoption. It is a network of individuals, including vets, that spread educational messages and messages for rescue or adoption. 

You can find them on Facebook and on Instagram.

#6 GAEA Animal Welfare

GAEA is a self-funding nonprofit group that helps rescue pets in Lebanon and find them safe homes with caring adopters. They believe that all animals have the right to kindness and respectful treatment and must be protected under the law.

They can be contacted on FB @GAEAAnimalWelfare

#7 Animals Welfare Activists

Similar to GAEA, this NGO of activists with thousands of followers on social media has for mission to help Lebanese animals get adopted and offer rescue services.

They can be contacted on FB @aWaLebanon  

#8 PAW NGO Lebanon

This NGO rescues animals in Lebanon and assists with their adoption. It can be contacted on +96 1 810 99281

#9 Carma Dog Shelter – Tripoli

The shelter was founded by a group of young Lebanese who are passionate about helping animals. They run the shelter, rescue abandoned and stray dogs, and work on finding adoptive families to give them caring homes.

To contact them, DM them on Instagram @carma_dog_shelter.

#10 Mount Lebanon Dog Shelter

This shelter in Aley, Mount Lebanon, offers a safe haven for animals its team rescued, including dogs, cats, and other animals, and strives to find caring families to adopt them.

You can message them on FB @MountLebDogShelter

#11 Anthony Abihanna Shelter

Anthony Abihanna is a graduate of Collège des Frères Maristes Champville and Université de Bordeaux (France), who has made it his personal mission to save mistreated dogs.

He has gone far and beyond, dedicating his possessions to create a shelter where he takes care of them and has been relying on people’s support and donations to keep maintaining his selfless mission.

To know more about his story, visit here.
To adopt a dog from his shelter, contact him at 70 98 47 97.

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