10 Places You Must Visit In Byblos Next Time You’re There!


Byblos, or Jbeil, is a coastal region in Mount Lebanon and the first city of Phoenicia, an ancient civilization. It is one of the 20 oldest cities in the world

The city has been continuously inhabited ever since it has been established in 5,000 B.C. Byblos is full of ancient sites! This region is an open-air museum!

Armenian Genocide Orphans’ “Aram Bezikian” Museum


Crusader Castle of Gibelet

Date: 12th century

Phoenician port

Date: around 3000 B.C.

Modern And Contemporary Arts Museum

Old souk

Roman amphitheater

Date: around 218 B.C.

Saint John the Baptist Church

Date: 1115

Sultan Abdul Majid Mosque

Date: 12th century

Temple of the Obelisks

Date: between 1900 B.C. and 1600 B.C.