12 Places You’ll Love In Beirut If You’re An Introvert

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Beirut is known to be a cosmopolitan city, bubbling with activities, bars, restaurants, shopping avenues, theaters, and malls, and vibrant with people of all walks of life.

However, it has also its quiet spots and chill places, where people seek to de-stress or hang out away from its busy and noisy streets, or just take a few moments to relax.

Here are 12 of them:

#1 Aaliyah’s Books

Aaliyah’s books is a good place in Gemmayzeh, where you can have a drink while reading some of their interesting book collection and enjoy its friendly and tranquil ambiance. It also has a rooftop, which is perfect during the warmer season.

#2 Molo

Molo in Badaro is perfect for those who want to enjoy a drink all alone or a nice quiet afternoon or evening with their close friends.

The cozy bar has also a terrace and a menu packed with cocktails, pizzas, salads, and mezze.

#3 The High Llama

The High Llama in Achrafieh is one of the most suitable cafes in Beirut where you can relax, and enjoy a nice quality and chill time surrounded by the lovely Beiruti atmosphere.

#4 Beyt Sirena

Beyt Sirena in Ras Beirut is a friendly and green escape in the heart of Beirut, offering delicious Asian and Indian dishes, among others, in a cozy and beautiful atmosphere.

#5 Riwaq

A chill, easy-going spot in Mar Mikhael, Riwaq can be your stop for a coffee, a cocktail, or a nice bite during the day. The evenings turn more lively with music and a more lively crowd.

#6 The Slow

Located in Mar Mikhael, The Slow is a concept store and one of the World’s best cafes and concept stores in 2021 (according to Condé Nast Traveller).

The place will give you the homey and cozy vibes you need while sipping their deliciously made coffee and enjoying their nicely made breakfast bowls.

#7 Curl book & coffee shop

An in-store cafe located in Badaro, this is just perfect for book junkies to enjoy its selection of books while tasting their desserts and their delicious hot cocoa.

#8 Luna’s Kitchen

A chill vegan place in Hamra, Luna’s Kitchen is sought for its relaxed atmosphere and its delicious vegan menu including vegan pizzas, soy-based chicken dishes, and many more!

#9 Paname

Paname in Saifi is an “almost-French” gourmet bistro serving mouth-watering dishes in a nice, chill setting.

#10 The Sage Parlour

You can find The Sage Parlour in Ashrafieh. The place serves an all-day breakfast menu with lunch bowls, baked items, and specialty coffee. It also has a retail corner with some local products that you would like to explore while there.

#11 Cafe MOMO’s

Recently opened at LAU (UpperGate), this cozy spot serves shakes in addition to coffee, as well as cookies, cupcakes, and more, making this a nice quiet place to take a break between classes.

#12 L’Autre Bistro

A hidden gem in Hamra, this spot with rustic decor and vaulted walls is an experience on its own with its warm ambiance and tasty food. A must-try when in Hamra.

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